Players of Lost Ark can't say that they weren't warned: Last week, Amazon Games announced that a "massive" ban wave was coming, and sure enough, that wave has hit, wiping out over 300K accounts in the blast.. Naturally, this has caused a wide variety of reactions. Posts on cheating forums and botting hubs are saying that their banning was either unfair or a false positive, with.

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Lost ark ban appeal

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Many Lost Ark players logged in to a banned account over the past week, for reasons unbeknownst to them. As the confused players looked into the matter even further, a common thread seemed to link.

How to Appeal Lost Ark Ban & Get Unbanned? Advertisement. During large scale ban waves, there's a chance that you can get caught up in it without violating any rule. In case your account is incorrectly suspended or banned, you need to file a ticket with the support team - this is how you can get the fastest response from them. The devs also noted that despite taking all kinds of precautions, such a massive ban wave means that there is a small chance that some legitimate players, who play Lost Ark by the book, may have received a ban by mistake. If so, they can file an appeal by submitting a ticket to the game's support site. .

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2022. 3. 28. · Lost Ark is on a Bot Banning Spree. Huynh Nguyen March 28, 2022. 19 . Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit. Bots have been rampaging throughout Arkesia. What is the developers’ answer? A massive ban wave..

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